BD110.08 Versailles, American Black Walnut 600x600x16mm

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Decorative pattern panels were first popularised by the aristocratic houses across Europe in the 17th Century. The Versailles pattern from the court of Louis XIV being perhaps the most well known. The intricate patterns once laid piece by piece are reimagined and produced in these stunning large format engineered panels making installation simple so that this impressive style can be used in any interior space. This collection is available in eight designs each named after grand palaces and stately homes from the Baroque period. The rich variety of hardwoods and finishes are available in each design.

Installation Basics

Baroque Design panels are installed fully bonded to the subfloor with flooring adhesive. Ideal for use over underfloor heating.

Care and Maintenance

This floor is finished with coats of natural hardwax oil which keeps the hardwood surface protected from stains and wear whilst maintaining a natural look and feel.


All V4 Wood flooring is milled from responsibly sourced timber meeting all European Timber regulations.



Size: 600x600x16mm

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SKU: 416337 Categories: , , Tags: , ,