QuickTherm Vapour

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The heat is on – QuickTherm Vapour features our unique perforated design and ultra low tog value of just 0.303, so it helps your underfloor heating system work at its best to keep you lovely and warm!

Dry as a bone – it also has a built-in vapour barrier with overlap to stop moisture rising up from the sub-floor – protecting your floor covering and keeping your room damp-free.

Lightweight champion – the lightweight closed cell polyethylene material makes it a breeze to lift and move around…saving time and effort during installation.

Dust-free installation means QuickTherm Vapour’s clean and easy to work with…and there’s less clearing up afterwards.

100% recyclable PE foam makes this underlay particularly eco-friendly and kinder to the environment.

Size: 1mx10m (10m2) / Thickness: 2mm

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SKU: 3644 Categories: , Tags: ,