Terenzo Calacatta White Polished Porcelain Tiles – 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 600x1200mm

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Introducing the Terenzo Calacatta White Polished Porcelain Tile collection, a masterpiece in modern elegance. Available in versatile sizes – 300x600mm, 600x600mm, and 600x1200mm, these tiles bring the timeless beauty of Calacatta marble to your spaces. The polished finish adds a luxurious touch, making them ideal for creating sophisticated interiors. Transform your floors and walls with Terenzo Calacatta, where classic design meets contemporary allure.
A lustrous finish tile imparts a chic and modern aesthetic, casting an alluring sheen that gracefully disperses light throughout your space. True to its name, the tile’s surface undergoes meticulous machine polishing, resulting in a mirror-like gleam that exudes a luxurious vibe. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures robustness and durability, offering a combination of striking aesthetics and long-lasting strength.
Size: 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 600x1200mm

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SKU: 6843 Categories: , Tags: , ,