Luvanto Pace Washed Grey Oak 4x184x1219mm Vinyl

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Washed Grey Oak vinyl flooring is a very popular choice for clothing stores, high street, and high-end environments. This flooring can make your shop look incredibly stylish with minimal effort. This washed grey oak effect flooring is also popular in the living room and surprisingly the bathroom.

The stunning shade of this grey oak flooring will give any room a sleek, modern look and the high-quality manufacturing ensures it can effectively handle any amount of foot traffic with ease whilst still looking new and fresh.

Washed Grey Oak is available in the following ranges:

Luvanto Design The Washed Grey Oak is available to order from our Luvanto Design range, this flooring is perfect for living rooms. Additionally, you can incorporate more Luvanto design strips to create one flawless flooring design.

Luvanto Click Plus You can also order the Washed Grey Oak flooring in our Luvanto Click Plus range, this range uses a joint locking system so you can quickly and easily fit your floor without the use of glue!

Luvanto Endure Pro The Washed Grey Oak flooring is also available to order from our incredible Luvanto Endure Pro range. This particular range has incredible  soundproofing and a lifetime domestic warranty.

Luvanto Pace is our new flooring range that is the fastest and, arguably, the easiest to lay. Each plank comes with a self-adhesive backing that is soaked into the built-in underlay. This means that any damaged planks can be up-lifted and quickly replaced due to the long life of the self-adhesive backing. Not only does this offer you similar design options as Luvanto Design but it also gives you a more forgiving installation and easier life-long maintenance.

Size: 4x184x1219mm


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SKU: 13116 Category: Tag: