Luvanto Herringbone Smoked Charcoal 2.5×76.2×304.8mm Design Contemporary Vinyl

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Luvanto Herringbone Smoked Charcoal presents a captivating fusion of two popular hues, grey and brown, delicately infused with a subtle touch of blue. The distinctive grain showcases well-defined patterns, accentuated by natural blemishes and authentic knots, creating a stunning visual effect. This contemporary style, known as Smoked Charcoal, emerged as a trendsetter, and its popularity is poised for significant growth in 2018.

Available in two exceptional ranges:

  • Luvanto Design Herringbone: Crafted from small Luvanto Design planks, this variant is glued down, offering versatile design options like basketweave and parquet effects.
  • Luvanto Click Herringbone: Comprising medium Luvanto Click planks, this selection cleverly interlocks in a traditional parquet pattern, delivering an elegant herringbone effect.

Herringbone flooring, often classified under Parquet flooring, has been a timeless choice since the 1600s, renowned for its rhythmic patterns and nostalgic ambiance. Every piece of Luvanto Herringbone flooring is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans to mirror the authenticity of real wood. Inspired by living wood, our flooring replicates the beauty of specific wood types with remarkable precision. Explore our collection using the 3D Room Viewer to find the perfect colors and patterns for your home.

Size: 2.5x305x610mm


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SKU: 723554 Category: Tag: