Luvanto Design Contemporary Herringbone Pearl Oak 2.5×76.2×304.8mm Vinyl

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Pearl Oak is not just an exciting style, it is one of the fastest selling products we have on the market today. Beautiful, ever-popular mid-range grey tones are complimented with the slightest hint of salmon pink. The result is an exceptionally well received colour that works especially well with most autumnal colours, mustard and teal.

Pearl Oak Herringbone is available in the following ranges:

Luvanto Design If you would like professionally fitted, glued-down flooring then ordering the Priory Oak in the Luvanto Design is the perfect option for you. This flooring can also be fitted with various other flooring designs creating one unique look.
Luvanto Click Priory Oak is also available to order in our Luvanto Click Herringbone range, using a joint locking system you can simply click together the wood effect planks and walk across your floor straight away.

Herringbone flooring often falls under the Parquet flooring category and has been a popular choice of flooring design since the 1600’s. Herringbone flooring is the classic rhythmic patterns of herringbone weave that create a nostalgic atmosphere in the home. Each piece of Luvanto Herringbone flooring is hand-crafted by a team of artisans in order to look and feel just like the real thing. Our flooring is inspired by real, living wood and our artists have made an excellent job replicating the beauty of certain types of flooring. Why not use our 3D Room Viewer and see which colours and patterns would suit your home.

Size: 2.5x305x610mm


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SKU: 678114 Category: Tag: