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FineFloor FibreBoard


On the level – as well as insulation, FibreBoard provides a level subfloor for the final floor covering, offering stable support and helping your floor last longer by smoothing out the most uneven areas.

Parameters Value
Size 590mm x 850mm
Pack Size 12.53m2
Thickness 4mm
Size 590mm x 850mm
Pack Size 10.03m2
Thickness 5.5mm
Size 590mm x 850mm
Pack Size 7.02m2
Thickness 5.5mm
Size 590mm x 856mm
Pack Size 9.6m2
Thickness 7mm


Benefits – the wood material in FibreBoard is extremely eco-friendly, being completely natural and 100% recyclable – so it’s better for the planet. The wood fibre also has high impact sound reduction – so it deadens any loud noise and makes the whole room quieter. FibreBoard stays cool under pressure too – it resists compression, so provides solid and stable support even under the heaviest weight.

Technical Specification


0.59m x .085m

Pack Size

10.03sqm, 12.53sqm, 7.02sqm, 9.6sqm


4mm, 5.5mm, 7mm